iLivery Privacy Policy

Effective September 16, 2014

Livery Coach is sensitive to the privacy concerns of users of our products, services, and apps. The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe the types of personally identifying information collected via the iLivery application, how that information is used, and to whom or under what circumstances that information is disclosed. Your use of the iLivery application denotes your acceptance and agreement with the terms of the iLivery Privacy Policy.

The iLivery app collects location information to connect users to transportation providers as requested. For example, if a user is booking a trip, the "pick me up wherever I am" function of the app will access the user's location to fulfill the request. The user can also use location services to enable the chauffeur to find the user, and can also access the chauffeur's location. When creating a profile, the user can upload a picture and opt to share the picture with the chauffeur solely for the purposes of identifying the user for transportation purposes. At any time, the user may turn off location services, understanding that the functionality of features relying on them will be affected (i.e., "pick me up wherever I am" feature will be disabled).

Personally identifying information such as name and email is passed directly to the transportation provider with which the application is linked. Some instances of the iLivery application allow the user to select the transportation provider while other instances are installed with the transportation provider already linked. To the extent that any of the third-party sites accessible through the iLivery application have different privacy practices from those stated in this Privacy Policy, those third-party privacy practices govern the collection and use of information you provide when using the app. Livery Coach Solutions, L.L.C. is not responsible for the policies, content, and practices of other companies.

The iLivery application does not store any personally identifying data, and only shares collected data with the linked transportation provider for the purposes of providing transportation services. The iLivery application uses encryption when passing data to the transportation provider, and does not sell your data to any third parties.

From time to time, this Privacy Policy may change, however the page posted here will always be the most current and the effective date will be accurate.