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About Us: A Brief History

Livery Coach was originally started in the mid-1990's by a Los Angeles, California based company. While their product had promise, their operations could not meet the high demand. Dennis Adams, owner of Celebrity Limousine in Philadelphia, who had recently installed Livery Coach for his own operations, eventually ended up purchasing the software assets from the company.

After developing significant enhancements and proving stability, Adams re-introduced the system to the limousine industry in 1999. As a limousine operator, Adams knew the importance of support after the sale, and Livery Coach set a new standard for high-quality support in the limousine software industry.

In May of 2009 Adams, wanting to concentrate on his limousine company and other business ventures, sold the assets of Livery Coach to three of his long-time employees: David Hirsch, An Vo, and Chip Bowman. Livery Coach Solutions, LLC was born.

Who We Are Today

David Hirsch, President, has been active in the limousine industry since 2001, when he started working for Celebrity Limousine as a chauffeur and shortly thereafter for Livery Coach Software. David’s previous work experience includes marketing and management experience with a number of companies in the software, consulting, and broadcast equipment industries, as well as systems management and programming experience with Ford Motor, Goldman Sachs, and AT&T. David holds a BA in Economics from Haverford College and an MBA from The University of Chicago.

Jacob “Chip” Bowman, Director of Support, has been with Livery Coach since 2005, and also has experience in the limousine industry as a chauffeur and part-time dispatcher. Chip also has extensive experience with customer service and support, having worked at QVC for nearly a decade in a variety of positions, as well as having experience with Comcast, AT&T, and Cox cable.

An Vo, Director of Technology, is originally from Vietnam but moved to the Los Angeles area as a child, where he had an interest in computers and technology. After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from Cal State Northridge, An initially worked for Boeing, but was unhappy with the large-company environment. He moved from there to NetZero, at the time a start-up company with only a handful of employees. At the same time the Blacks hired him to help try to fix some of Livery Coach’s technical issues, an effort that was underway when the original Livery Coach folded. He joined Dennis Adams in the rebirth of the company and has been a critical component of its success ever since.

From our President

David Hirsch, President We're confident that Livery Coach transportation software will save your company time and money. There are literally thousands of timesavers incorporated into the software to make managing your company easier on a day-to-day basis. Call us today for a demo.

-David Hirsch
Livery Coach Solutions, LLC