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Livery Coach is Complete Business Management Software that will form the backbone of your limousine office. It handles every reservation from initial entry to pricing, sending a confirmation, scheduling the chauffeur, calculating the price that a particular client pays as well as the pay that the chauffeur earns for the ride.

Livery Coach is completely scalable—you will never outgrow it! Livery Coach's customers range from companies that run just a few cars and a few dozen trips per week to those that dispatch hundreds of cars and over one thousand trips per day. Imagine never having to learn how to use a new software package again!

Working in conjunction with QuickBooks, Livery Coach will make the revenue entries for you…so your books are always up to date.

Livery Coach is a client/server application. What that means is that your data is on your server in your office, with the program on each workstation accessing that data. Even if your internet goes down, Livery Coach will still be able to function.

Livery Coach can be configured with optional modules depending on your individual business needs. But even the base package is fully-featured, and comes with the following selected STANDARD features:

  • ON SITE installation and training—we even pay most of our own travel expenses (continental US and Canada only)--we just have a nominal flat travel cost depending on location. We don’t just send you a disk—we appear at your door and help you set the system up and learn how to use it! Up to three days are included, and additional training days can be purchased.

  • One user license included—we’ll install the program on as many workstations as you like, and log on from the workstation of your choice. Additional user licenses are available at additional cost, if you need to allow more than one person to log in at the same time..

  • Multi-company capable—run more than one company (with separate confirmations, receipts, accounting, etc.) with integrated dispatch.

  • Automatic emailing/faxing of confirmations and receipts. You can even set up a customer profile so that confirmations and receipts are sent to different email addresses!

  • Chauffeur Direct – automatically sends your clients an email with your chauffeur’s name and phone number 30 minutes before pickup…no more calls to dispatch!

  • Comprehensive Rate System allows hourly rates, fixed rates, fixed rates with hourly overage, and auto-applied multiple zone (flat-rate) table capability.

  • Chauffeur Pay—by job (per hour or percentage), by the hour (time-clock), flat-pay (for flat-rate jobs)—can be different for every chauffeur and for every vehicle, and multi-pay types per chauffeur are possible. Reimbursements can also be handled with ease.

  • Dispatch Grid—can be customized by each user (not by machine) and can also show farm-out jobs. It can show unlimited trips and multiple days (no more midnight problems!) The days of the week can even be color-coded!

  • Trip Schedule—simple drag-and-drop allows for efficient scheduling. Livery Coach users who use this screen can’t imagine scheduling without it.

  • Farm-Out Grid – see all your farm-out jobs in one place…and sort them relative to your time-zone (rather than pickup time) so you can make those on-site calls at the right time!

  • Farm-In/Farm-Out capability—only send your affiliates the information needed to complete the job—not your pricing or confidential customer information. It’s easy to keep track of which affiliates service which airports…and how far away they are from those airports, what their fleet capabilities are, and much more

  • Livery to Livery Network—send and receive reservations from other Livery Coach users at NO CHARGE at the click of a mouse, or automatically (Current support/maintenance contract is required)

  • Incidents and Incident Management—keep track of any issues and their resolutions. An open incident will prevent the job from being closed, to avoid rubbing salt in the wound of your unhappy customer. Comprehensive Incident Reporting gives your department heads the information they need to make decisions that improve quality, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Quick Rate and Quotes—quickly quote a rate, save the quote, or enter an entire reservation in “quote” status

  • Vehicle Maintenance – schedule maintenance by mileage or time, and enter repairs and unscheduled maintenance as well. It is easy to determine what work has been done on each of your vehicles.

  • Employee Scheduling – know who is available when, what types of vehicles or occasions they can or can’t drive, and even if their drivers’ license or other credentials have expired.