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Software: Additional Modules

Additional User Licenses allow more users to access the system at the same time. Note that the client software can be installed on as many workstations as you like, and you can create as many user names to access the software as you like. The total number of user licenses you have controls the maximum number of users that can be logged in to the system at the same time. The base package includes one user license.

Credit Card Processing allows the electronic processing of credit cards from within LiveryCoach. In additional to manual pre-authorizations , automatic pre-authorizations are supported, with an optional customizable margin (for example, all trips between $0 and $100 should be pre-authorized for the amount of the trip plus $25). This makes it easy to see which trips are fine, and which trips you need a different credit card for, BEFORE you do the trip. This option requires either a PayPal or Moneris gateway (contact Livery Coach for more details if required).

iLivery iPad/iPhone Integration works as a back-end application to integrate Livery Coach with our new suite of iLivery mobile applications, including iChauffeur, iGreeter, and iLivery.

Two-Way Message Paging allows you to page trips out to your chauffeurs via Nextel messaging or via email (which is now supported by most mobile phones). Chauffeurs can respond with a code and the trip status in Livery Coach will automatically change. You can also page a “first trip of the day” the day before, which sends each chauffeur all the details of his first trip for the next day, so he knows when to start. This option also supports the eFleet iPilot in-car mobile data terminal—for more details, contact Digital Dispatch.

FlightView Real Time Flight Arrival Data with Flight Verification allows you to verify a flight when booking to see if the flight exists, and to make sure the flight times are correct—this even works with codeshares. If you don’t know the flight number, just put in the origin city and you’ll get a list of all the flights between the city pair, on that day, for every airline. This option also monitors incoming flights (including many private flights) and will alert your dispatcher to early or late flights—and (if you also have the Two-Way Message Paging option described above) can send your chauffeur the flight notification as well. This option requires a contract with Flightview.

Internet Web Reservations allows your customers to book trips online, see trips that were already booked (even if they booked them with your reservations staff), and even get receipts. This option consists of a package of web code that you can host on your own server or a third-party web server. You or your IT person can implement the web code yourself, or Livery Coach can implement and/or host for an additional fee.

Chauffeur/Affiliate Web Access is a web module that allows your chauffeurs to log in and see their trips for that day or the next day, and add certain charges (such as parking or tolls). It also allows your affiliates to see the trips you have farmed to them, and enter the final charges. As with web reservations, you can implement this yourself, or we can implement and/or host for an additional fee.

Google Integrated Mapping allows the verification of addresses for contacts or Pick-ups, Stops, and Drops. It also will provide routing and printable maps. A Google maps license key is required, but Google allows a generous monthly map allowance free, so depending on usage, this might not even cost you anything extra.

Group Manifest Importing allows the easy importation of group reservations from an Excel spreadsheet. If you do a lot of group moves, this module is essential.

Export Module allows the easy exporting of customer and reservation data to Microsoft Excel. It also allows the exporting of driver pay data into many popular payroll formats, including PayChex, ADP, and others. Contact Livery Coach with your specific payroll service needs and we can probably help.

Bonus Rebate and Frequent Flyer Miles allows you to either offer “frequent rider” dollars (a credit earned on each ride that can be used for free trips) or, alternatively, accumulate frequent flyer miles to be awarded on airline(s). (Note that you would have to purchase the miles from the airline—this module tracks everything for you and, depending on the airline, can give you a compatible spreadsheet for easy upload to the airline for the awarding of miles.)

GPS Integration integrates Livery Coach with a number of different GPS solutions so that rather than using the GPS provider’s maps, you can click on a trip from within Livery Coach and see where the vehicle is. Note that this module also requires the purchase of the Google Integrated Mapping module. If you have this module, and an affiliate running the Integrated Mapping module farms a trip to you, then he will be able to track the vehicle you assigned to his trip while the trip is in progress.

Electronic Reservation Delivery System Integration integrates Livery Coach with the Global Ground Automation (GGA)/ (Saturn) reservation system, so you can receive trips electronically booked through Sabre, Apollo, Worldspan, and other travel agent systems. It also integrates with GroundRes, which is a similar system. Note that you must have the proper account set up with GGA or GroundRes, and they have their own fee structure. Livery Coach itself does not charge any per-reservation fee.

Terminal Services Remote Access allows the installation of the Livery Coach client programs on a Microsoft Terminal Server, for multiple user remote access. You will still have to have the proper number of Livery Coach user licenses for the number of Livery Coach users that need simultaneous access; licenses cannot be shared between regular access and Terminal Services access. Note that if you just want to remotely access a workstation to use Livery Coach (through Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, etc.) then this option is NOT necessary. Please contact Livery Coach for more details.