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iLivery iPad/iPhone Applications

iLivery Integration Module:

This optional module works as a back-end application to integrate Livery Coach with our new suite of iLivery mobile applications, including iChauffeur, iGreeter, and iLivery (see below).


iChauffeur is an iPad application that allows a chauffeur to view his or her trips, including all pickups, stops, and drops, notes, passenger names, and much more. It shows trip routing on the map, and allows the chauffeur to change his status instantly, which almost immediately updates the Livery Coach dispatch grid. It also functions as a flexible airport/greeter sign, and supports multiple logos and multiple names. The chauffeur data screen allows the chauffeur to enter his times, mileage, and expenses, and add certain additional charges (parking, wait time, etc.) which can then be sent back to Livery Coach. The passenger view screen shows a recap of the screen with a touch-sensitive signature block for capturing the passenger signature.

Read the LCT Magazine article about how one Livery Coach client using iChauffeur to make business easier and more efficient.


iGreeter is an iPad application designed for greeter use at the airport or other event. It gives the greeter a real-time arrival manifest—the greeter can see what passengers are coming in on which flights, what vehicles and chauffeurs are assigned to which trips, where they are going, and more. They can "check in" passengers to the trips so dispatch knows if there are any people missing…and the greeter can change the status of the trip (from arrived to customer in car, for example) so the chauffeur can focus on driving and the passengers.


iLivery is a free app available on the Apple App store or Google Play store that allows your customer to log into his profile and check on his booked trips, change his contact info, and more.